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We wish to thank Politiken Fonden for giving an award to introduce a new forum and exhibition concept focusing on international photo journalism during Copenhagen Photo Festival. The concept is a further development of Personal Projects, which was part of Copenhagen Photo Festival for a number of years under the management of, among others, Miriam Dalsgaard and Mads Nissen, who both back a revised relaunch.

With the new exhibition concept Copenhagen Photo Festival wishes to focus on personal projects and projects of long duration within international photo journalism. We want to strengthen the genre in a time where the working conditions of the industry are under pressure, and discuss the characteristics of Danish photo journalism these years, where we see several photographers experience a great international success.

On the occasion of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the education of photo journalism at The Danish School of Media and Journalism the concept will be launched with an anniversary exhibition this year. The exhibition will consist of five personal projects showing the span of the education:

Mikael Hørlyck (DE) with the project De Forsømte

Heba Khamis (EG) with the project Banned Beauty

Ulrik Hasemann (DK) & Mathias Swold Maagaard (DK) with the project The Wild Within

Ella Kiviniemi (FI) with the project Damage is Done

Evgeny Makarov (RUS) with the project Narko Stop

The projects have been selected by head of department and senior lecturer of the education of photo journalism at The Danish School of Media and Journalism Søren Pagter and Mads Greve respectively. During Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017 the works will be located in an outdoor container city at Gastværksgrunden.

Photocredit: Ulrik Hasemann & Mathias Svold Maagaard from the series The Wild Within.

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