Hannes Jung ‘How is Life?’

How is life? | Hannes Jung (DE)

Hannes Jung photographs life, not death because death cannot be seen.

The suicide rate in Lithuania is nearly three times as high as the average rate in the European Union. Looking at a bigger picture, suicides occur more frequently in major cities whereas in rural areas less people lose hope in life since social ties are stronger. But in Lithuania more people commit suicide in the countryside. Especially men are at a high risk of committing suicide.  Alcoholism, unemployment, lack of perspective on life – and many other cases with reasons that are hard to find and even harder to understand. Suicide is not an expression of personal freedom, but often affected by hopelessness and diseases. Maybe you cannot take pictures of the wind. But you can try to catch the consequences of the wind, bending trees, and rolling waves.

Hannes Jung has a degree in photography and photojournalism in Munich, Hannover, and Valencia. How is life? was recognized with Gold in the categories Documentary and Interpretative Eye by the College Photographer of the Year award (CPOY). His work has been shown in several exhibitions and festivals around Europe.

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