Copenhagen Photo Festival – Wednesday June 12th

Urban Space

Photography conquers the city

Accessibility is key to Copenhagen Photo Festival; with the City Space Art Project and the Metro Exhibition, photography is scattered all over the city bringing contemporary photography to the citizens. In the metro and on the street, passers-by will be met by photography in an attempt to provide a moment of artistic reflection.

The City Space Art Project
The City Space Art Project presents a collection of photographs from both Søren Solkær’s “Souls” and “The Censored Exhibition” in Photo City.

© Søren Solkær, from the series Souls

Søren Solkær’s black and white portraits of yogis – taken on a mountain top in India – are fascinating and moving in their theme: the soul. The yogis seem to exist just as much for themselves as for the observers. The fine details and beautiful graduation of tones beautifully unifies with the balanced faces and peaceful eyes of the yogis. Søren Solkær met these yogis on Mount Abu in the Indian state of Rajasthan, where the headquarters of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is located. The experience of power and purity he felt posed the question: “Can the soul be photographed?” Before each portrait was taken, Solkær asked the yogis to meditate and to enter into a state of soulful consciousness. Their expressions radiate bliss, love, peace and great inner strength. Souls has been exhibited in several cities across the world, including New York, Sydney, Copenhagen, Bratislava, Reykjavik, Oxford, Milano and Napoli.
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University:
Søren Solkær:

”The Censored Exhibition” was curated from more than 4000 pieces sent to the festival from all over the world. With differences in nationality, culture, worldviews, expression forms and ways of life, diversity is also evident in the works, which makes the collection an interesting sight into the many faces of photography. In the city space, you will find a selection of photographs from the exhibition.

The Metro Exhibition
With individual exhibitions in all of the 30 metro trains of Copenhagen, there is plenty to experience when on the train. We cross our fingers that we will catch a different one each time we travel underneath the city’s surface.

© Bar Am-David

Events of the Day
We encourage you all to take a stroll around the city and see if you can find the exhibited photographs. Next up, jump on a metro and be surprised by one of the many exhibitions!

FREE EBOOK – The project Souls was published as a book in 2011. You’ll receive a free eBook version of Souls if you scan the QR code on each exhibited image (valid for the duration of the festival). From June 10th, you can also download the eBook for free from Søren’s website (


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