Copenhagen Photo Festival – Thursday June 6th

Come celebrate the opening of the 2013 exhibitions

Today, Copenhagen Photo Festival is celebrating the opening of this year’s exhibitions. Yet again, Carlsberg Byen sets the scene for Photo City, which presents Danish and international photo exhibitions from upcoming to widely acknowledged photographers. We look forward to seeing you at the opening reception at 4 pm in Bryghuset. The reception will be followed by vernissages of all the exhibitions in Photo City.

State of the Art
Photo City – Slottet – Pasteursvej 4, 6th floor 1799 København V

A group exhibition with some of the best contemporary Danish art photographers: Astrid Kruse Jensen, Jacob Holdt, Adam Jeppesen, Torben Eskerod, Jakob Hunosøe, Nicolai Howalt, Peter Funch, Asger Carlsen, Per Bak Jensen, Erik Steffensen, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Søren Solkær og Trine Søndergaard.
Curated by Jens Erdman Rasmussen

Pierre Winther: Nothing Beats Reality
Photo City – Halmlageret (1st floor) – Ny Carlsberg Vej 1799 København V
The world is full of nearly unbelievable but true stories. Stories about karmic occurrences, life after death situations, predetermined destiny or coincidence and moments of intuition. Those stories can be found in medical reports, newspapers, insurance reports, police documents and many other reliable sources. ‘Nothing Beats Reality’ taps into this vast source of true documented stories and selects the most breathtaking.

The Censored Exhibition
Photo City – Bryghuset (1st floor) – Ny Carlsberg Vej 1799 København V
Copenhagen Photo Festival is proud to present The Censored Exhibition. With works from 43 photographers, the exhibition has expanded since last year. The works were chosen from more than 4000 pieces sent to us from all over the world, and when you walk from one photographer to the other, you will experience the diversity in their works.

Photo City – Bryghuset – Ny Carlsberg Vej 1799 København V
A group exhibition of Nordic photographers presented by Getty Images. The exhibition is based on the notion of privacy, something Jodie Foster addressed in her 2013 Golden Globe speech: ‘Privacy. Someday in the future, people will look back an remember how beautiful it once was.’

Distortion & Copenhagen Photo Festival
Photo City – Bryghuset – Ny Carlsberg Vej 1799 København V
An exhibition of party photographs shot by the guests of the street parties during Distortion 2013 and arranged in collaboration with Distortion. Curated by Rasmus Weng Karlsen and Frederik Møller from Galleri Naboløs.

Hisptagram FTW
Photo City – Bryghuset – Ny Carlsberg Vej 1799 København V
An exhibition of app photos submitted to Copenhagen Photo Festival and curated by a jury composed of Kristine Kern, head of Fotografisk Center, Rasmus Ranum, co-founder of Copenhagen Photo Festival, photographer Per Folkver and fine-art photographer Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen. The exhibition is arranged in collaboration with Fotografisk Center, DJ:Fotograferne og Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen.

Luca Berti: Menneske og Natur
Photo City – Slottet – Pasteursvej 4 6th floor 1799 København V
An exhibition of Luca Berti’s photographs from Ærø, whose aim is to show the beauty of the Danish countryside and to capture the impression and the historical picture of places undergoing change. It is a photographic journey of ”the fringe of Denmark”.

The National Film & Photo School, Lodz
Photo City – Matrix – Olivia Hansens Gade 1799 København V

Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole
Photo City – Matrix – Olivia Hansens Gade 1799 København V
The brief was: Create a photographic piece that not only showcases a musician but also investigates the sound through which the musician expresses him or herself. 19 students from Fotografisk Kommunikation accepted the challenge and the exhibition showcases the spectacular meetings between photo and music.

Udfald: KBH Film og Fotoskole
Photo City – Halmlageret (Ground floor) – Ny Carlsberg Vej 1799 København V
KBH Film & Fotoskole is a school full of talents in the making, students who give their dreams a reality check. The school combines an intensive way of experiencing one’s world and a unique way of expressing oneself. The focus of the works is to learn how to see and create meaningful and illuminating metaphors in all the things that everyone else sees as trivial.

Spring 13: Vera, Skolen for Kunst & Design
Photo City – Halmlageret (Ground floor) Ny Carlsberg Vej 1799 København V

Jacob Ehrbahn: Headbangers
Photo City – Slottet (1st floor) – Pasteursvej 14, 1799 København V
‘Headbangers’ portrays moments that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Moments of calmness and concentration captured by the camera in the middle of a violent situation. In this way Ehrbahn is trying to show situations that are impossible to see.

Thomas Skou: Lust Like Looney Lovers
Photo City – Matrix – Olivia Hansens Gade 1799 København V
Rio man with maria in and on heart, she at gas station, spacey, boarded BMW
black dick says hello, shark tank, snow smiley, profile star to be, in the zone, Wallamba with frogskin and straight lit fag, snake on cow, just fucked, the growlers, istedgade, trip pin, girl on bike.


Frem left © James Crump © Bill Cunningham

DR K’s photo week took off yesterday. Until Sunday, some of the best photo documentaries of today will be showcased. Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Leibovitz, Bill Cunningham, Robert King & John G. Morris are the central characters – we already watched the first two, and can only recommend that you turn on the TV on the nights to come.

Events of the day

4-6 PM
Vernissage – Life at the edge, Blå Galleri, Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 København N

4-6 PM
Vernissage – Persona, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Flæsketorvet 85A, 1711 København V

4-7 PM
Vernissage – Captured, Third Space, Skydebanegade 31,, 1709 København V

5-8 PM
Vernissage – Live Shots DAD, YARD Project Room, Refshalevej 163A,,1432 København K

5-8 PM
Vernissage – There., LaLa Berlin, Gammel Mønt 21, 1117 København K

5-9 PM
Vernissage/concert – Lust Like Looney Lovers, Photo City – Matrix, Olivia Hansens Gade, 1799 København V.

7-9 PM
Vernissage – Hero, Baisikeli, Ingerslevsgade 80, 1705 Købernhavn V

9.30 PM
Documentary – Get The Picture, DRK



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