Copenhagen Photo Festival – Thursday June 13th

A Trip to Sweden

Though we have named ourselves Copenhagen Photo Festival, we are proud to include exhibitors in our sister country. If you cross the bridge and take a trip to Sweden, you can experience five different exhibitions. From Malmö to Helsingborg, the festival is on its way north.

© Mats Petersson

Mats Petersson – Firewatch
The flames are licking the trunks. Animals are escaping the unbearable heat. Blackened branches are sprawling into the night sky. Fire is essential for a healthy ecosystem. As long as there has been forest and vegetation, fires have been a recurring event. Animals and plants have adapted to it and some species are even dependent on the forests burning occasionally. Since the last ice age in Scandinavia, which ended 15,000 years ago, the development process in nature has been dependent on fires during the hot dry summer periods and thunderstorms. Some animals and plants are completely dependent on the fires in order to reproduce. There are trees that have adapted to surviving forest fires, like pine with its thick bark and high crown that often escapes the flames.
Galleri David Hall – Davidhallsgatan 28, 21145 Malmö. T: +46 705 976897 E-mail:

Årets bild
The winning photographs of “Årets bild”, Sweden’s eldest and most prestigious photo competition are shown alongside some of the other contributions.
No White Walls 43 – Lugnagatan 43, 211 59 Malmö. T: +46 736197367 E-mail:

Roberta Bayley – Photographs from the Punk and New Wave in New York 1976-1980
Being on the spot. Seeing. These are two prerequisites to become a photographer who writes history. Roberta Bayley was on location in New York during the second half of the 70s, when the great city boiled of creativity. When a new wave of music welled. Roberta Bayley worked in the door at the club CBGB’s, which was the site where the new music met its audience night after night. She was there and she saw. She began photographing artists, came into contact with Punk magazine and wrote history. The images capture an era. She knew what she was doing and when it was time to move on.
Still Kicking Gallery – Vintergatan 17, 211 20 Malmö.

A Day in The World
A Day in The World is the largest photographic documentation of human kind carried out during one day only. On May 15th 2012, 60.000 people from 160 countries around the world documented their lives, their loved ones and their ordinary days.
Dunkers Kulturhus – Kungsgatan 11, 252 21 Helsingborg.

Under locket lyser solen
The photo school Munka presents their graduation show Under locket lyser solen. The exhibition features thirteen different works covering topics from female strength to observations of everyday life. Consider, reflect and take part in thirteen different worlds.
Dunkers Kulturhus – Kungsgatan 11, 252 21 Helsingborg.

© A Day in The World

Events of the Day

5-7 PM
Debate – Hipstamatic, Instagram og Sandheden i Fotografiet – Fotografisk Center, Pasteursvej 14, 1. sal, 1799 København V.


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