Copenhagen Photo Festival – Saturday June 8th

The Contest – Class Photographs
Capture the social classes of Copenhagen anno 2013 and win a Canon camera

Yesterday, we introduced the exhibition Middel Classic at Københavns Museum, which deals with the growing middle class. Today, we want to highlight the contest “Class Photographs”, which is a contest held in extension of Middel Classic. The annual photo contest from Københavns Museum & Copenhagen Photo Festival is not about school pictures – it is all about social class photos.

How can you portray the city’s social classes? The best shots will be displayed on a screen in the exhibition Middel Classic, and the winners will be announced immediately when the contest ends. First prize is a Canon EOS 700D camera sponsored by Canon. The winner will be chosen by Joachim Ladefoged, who is represented by the agency SUMO and works for publications such as TIME magazine and The New York magazine, and Katrine Lykke Øgendahl from Københavns Museum.

The contest was launched yesterday, but you can still make it – it won’t end until midnight on June 21st. To participate, upload your photo to VÆGGEN ( with the tag ‘klassebilleder2013’ – visit for rules and guidelines.

We look forward to receiving your interpretation of the social classes of Copenhagen.

© Søren Solkær, courtesy of Gallopperiet, Stadens Museum for Kunst

Events of the day

3-7 PM
Vernissage – LUNABOY – Gallopperiet, Stadens Museum for Kunst, Loppebygningen, Christiania/Sydområdet 4A,, 1440 København K, T: +45 22240908

8 PM
Documentary – Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens – DR K



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