Copenhagen Photo Festival – Saturday June 15th

Art Galleries and Exhibition Spaces #3 – On the Street and in the Castle

With two days of the festival to go, there is no more left to say than; “Hurry up and come celebrate another day of contemporary photography at the galleries and in Photo City at the Carlsberg ground with us.”

© Ebbe Stub Wittrup, House of cards, courtesy Martin Asbæk Gallery © Courtesy of Det Nationalhistoriske Museum

Two Faced Vase – Ebbe Strub Wittrup
Optical illusions through Necker cubes, solarized photos with references to the French Surrealist author André Breton and his invention of automatic writing, as well as a house of coloured cards illustrating psychological aspects from a personality test, are just some of the elements that Ebbe Stub Wittrup brings into play in the exhibition Two Faced Vase.
The exhibition can be experienced at several levels – one can dip into layers of cultural-history references, the whole of Wittrup’s phenomenological field of investigation or allow oneself to be captivated by the aesthetic presentation. Ebbe Stub Wittrup’s artistic practice has been focused on the photographic medium, but here the photographs are juxtaposed with other media types such as video, object and installation. Ebbe Stub Wittrup works between an authentic reality and its translations or representations in the form of fictions, myths or documentarism as a recurring theme in his artistic practice.
Two Faced Vase – Martin Asbæk Gallery, Bredgade 23, 1260 København K. June 6th-June 29th.

DIY by Richard Gilligan
DIY can be described as a movement within skateboarding which operates outside civic and societal norms. Through the utilisation of skater-constructed spaces, which are ordinarily an adaptation of existing but often-abandoned terrain in both urban and rural settings, the modern skateboarder transcends the need to exist within a more conventional environment. Utilising found materials, these unauthorised and often illegal temporary constructions have fascinated photographer Richard Gilligan, who has spent the past four years tracking down these ephemeral spaces throughout Europe and the US. His pictures show how skaters and DIY builders free themselves from the constraints of societal rules creating their own domain in which to practice this peripheral pursuit.
DIY – Street Machine, Kronprinsensgade 3, 1114 København K. June 14th-July 20th.

Photographs of a Royal Family
The Danish king Christian IX was crowned in 1863. He became known as Europe’s father-in-law because his children were married into the royal families of Europe. Best known is Alexandra who was married to Edward XII of Great Britain and Dagmar who was married to the Russian Tsar Alexander III. The exhibition shows a series of photographs of the royal families including photographs from their famous vacations at Fredensborg Castle known as “The Fredensborg Days”.
Photographs of a Royal Family – Det Nationalhistoriske Museum, Frederiksborg Slot, 3400 Hillerød. June 1st-October 31st.

Events of the Day
2-5 PM
Check & Clean – Canon – Located at Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej, 1799 København V. (Get your camera checked and cleaned).


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