Copenhagen Photo Festival – Friday June 7th

The Art Galleries & Exhibition Spaces

The art galleries and exhibition spaces are an important part of Copenhagen Photo Festival displaying contemporary art photography. Without the participation of galleries and exhibitions spaces we could not take pride in the fact that we are the biggest festival for photography in the Nordic countries. We are very honoured that more than 50 galleries have chosen to participate – 5 of them Swedish. Each year, we anticipate the time when they submit their plans for the year, and we are very excited to present the truly amazing exhibitions on the schedule.

From left © From the series Hero © Erik Steffensen, courtesy of Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

Persona – Erik Steffensen
With their departure point in the scripts, often published under a pseudonym, by writer and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855); artist Erik Steffensen is showing a new series of pieces with the title Persona.
While the existential philosophy and the analytical psychology feed on Kierkegaard’s writings, the artist attempts to visualize questions on existence with simple means. The seven pieces by Erik Steffensen relate to the Kierkegaardian surroundings and his landscape of thought. The universe of Kierkegaard becomes an open book; a book of pictures, consisting of seven chapters dedicated to each their Persona.
Persona, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Flæsketorvet 85A, 1711 København V, T: +45 33934221

In collaboration with the bicycle store Baisikeli, the photographers Asger Mortensen & Lasse Bak Mejlvang have created an exhibition on the bicycle culture of Beira, Mozambique. The photographs are based on the role of the bicycle in the South African country and how, in many ways, it has changed the lives and living standards of the locals. Baisikeli is a Danish bicycle company, which, other than being a repair and bike shop, sends European quality bikes to Mozambique. In the seaport town, Beira, they have a similar repair and bicycle shop, in which they redo European bicycles and educate young people of the city.
Hero, Baisikeli, Ingerslevsgade 80, 1705 København V, T: +45 53710229 E-Mail:

Middel Classic – six Danish photographers portray the middle class
The statistics show that the middle social stratum of society is growing and the barriers to other classes are blurred. The urban planners often have to remind themselves that the city needs space for both the very rich and the poor – and the others who do not belong to the middle class-box.
Middel Classic is an up-to-the-minute photo exhibition on the middle class of Copenhagen. The photographers, who normally make up the photo agency SUMO, have collaborated with Københavns Museum in the aim of portraying the class known as “middle” in their own interpretations.
Participating Photographers: Joachim Ladefoged, Nicky Bonne, Niclas Jessen, Mikkel Bache, Søren Rønholt and Rasmus Weng Karlsen
Middel Classic, Københavns Museum, Vesterbrogade 59
1620, København V,
T: +45 33210772

From left © Rasmus Weng Karlsen © Ken Hermann, courtesy of Galleri Kontraframe

Events of The Day

9 AM-3.30 PM
Presale view – Bruun Rasmussen Auction – Baltikavej 10, 2100 København Ø

3.30-5 PM
Vernissage – Middel Classic – Københavns Museum, Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København V, T: +45 33210772

4-7 PM
Vernissage – Distant Lands & He Who Knows, Is a Master of Himself – Green is Gold, Hyskenstræde 3, 1207 København K, T: +45 26193030 E-mail:

5-7 PM
Vernissage – Slow Time – Gallery B15,
Islands Brygge 15,
2300 København S, T: +45 32185007

5-10 PM
Vernissage – Wandering Perceptions – Gallery findArt, Julius Thomsens Gade 14, 1632 København V

5-12 PM
Vernissage – Survivors – Galleri Kontraframe, Flæsketorvet 77-79, 1711 København V, T: +45 33251002, E-mail:

7-10 PM
Vernissage – The Jewel – KONTORprojects, Værnedamsvej 7A, Baghuset
1819, Frederiksberg C, 
T: +45 27914164

10.40 PM
Documentary – Bill Cunningham: New York – DR K


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